Project Description

This is a short video about the Early Iron Age.

A brief synopsis:

Slovenia is situated in the southeastern part of Central Europe; where important trade and military routes have crossed long ago. In the Iron Age the so called “Amber route” crossed Slovenia, which merchants used to connect the Baltic coast and the Mediterranean. Trade routes to the north and west were already well travelled. The Roman Empire further strengthen roads to the east – Towards Greece, Scythia and Persia. Today, Novo mesto the capital of Dolenjska and one of the most important economic and cultural centers in Slovenia. Thousands of years of history unfolds in the “Archaeological image” in the Dolenjski muse in Novo mesto. With the introduction of metal starts the rise of people in Dolenjska who opened the door to all the trade routes of the time . In the 9th and 8 century BC they refined there metallurgical skills of ironmaking and there products included situla art, which spread from the west out over the entire Po River Valley of northern Italy up to Bologna and northern Apennines . In the world of ornamentation dolenjske situlas entered the realistic figuraton of nature, and the social life of that time. In Dolenjska they have found so many situlae that they rightly called Novo mesto the ” City of situlae .”

Production / Studio Vrtinec d.o.o.
Year of Production / 2011